Reynaers CF 68 Sliding Folding Doors

Design, Comfort and Space Efficiency

The Concept Folding 68 aluminium bi-fold doors gives you the chance to blend the borders between the interior and exterior, with their numerous glass panes.

The folding principle of this high quality bi-fold door allows you to open to the inside or the outside of the building. There is even an option to use the first leaf as an entrance door with a handle on both sides, without affecting the other folding leafs.

Our sliding-folding door system is available in every colour and finish and even in a dual colour option, so the design can perfectly match not only the exterior of the building but also the style of your interior.

The CF 68 system caters for all the needs of contemporary architecture and guarantees a complete freedom in design.

A complete design freedom

Choose your perfect design, colour, finish and the number of door leafs. Would you like to use one of them as the main door? Speak to our consultants to get help with planning your ideal bi-fold doors!

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The system can be used to fold open to the inside or to the outside, from 2 to 7 opening leafs, removing all borders and blending the interior into the exterior!

Besides the standard window hardware solution, CF 68 can feature a main door principle, in which the first leaf is used as an entrance door without affecting the other folding leafs. This entrance door is equipped with a handle on both sides, so it can be accessed from the outside.

Benefits of Reynaers CF68 Folding-Sliding doors:
  • A complete freedom in design – multiple configurations
  • Entrance door feature available
  • Great thermal insulation performance
  • Security to British and European standards including Secured by Design
  • Inward or outward opening
  • Different threshold options available
  • Available in double or triple glazing option
  • A wide range of RAL colours with different internal and external colour available
  • Integral blinds available
  • Maximum height: 2500mm
  • Maximum door leaf width: 1000mm
  • Min. glass thickness: 12 mm
  • Max. glass thickness: 55 mm
  • Max. vent weight: 90kg
  • Air tightness max. test pressure: 4 (600 Pa).
  • Water tightness: 9A (600 Pa).
  • Wind load resistance: C.
  • Thermal insulation: (Uf) 1,1 W/m²K.
  • Burglar resistance: RC 2/WK 2.

CF68 threshold – double weather seal

CF 68 – Low Threshold

The CF68 can be specified with different threshold options:

  • Double weather seal
  • Low threshold

Each threshold option gives a trade-off between weather performance and ease of passage.

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