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The CS77 aluminium window system from Reynaers has the ultimate combination of possibilities for all types of inward and outward opening windows. The system offers versatile and practical Tilt & Turn window configurations – perfect for modern homes, smart and super easy to maintain.

Tilt and turn windows are perfect for modern homes. A quarter turn of the handle opens the top of the window, allowing it to tilt inwards from the bottom hinges, which create a secure ventilation option, if you’d like to leave your windows securely opened during the night. The other operation – a half-turn of the handle, allows the window to swing inwards from the side hinges, enabling the outer pane of glass to be cleaned comfortably from inside your home.

Available in a variety of aesthetic styles, our tilt and turn windows can match different building types, and meet their highest safety requirements. We also recommend matching CS77 doors or CP130 sliding system to complement your home renovation.

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This most complete range of solutions for residential and commercial building concepts meets the strictest European standards for acoustics, air tightness and energy efficiency. And with even more specific requirements, such as fire and bullet resistance, the CS 77 delivers exceptional performance.

Reynaers profiles are insulated with glass fibre reinforced polyamide strips, separating the internal and external faces, mechanically jointed and glued to form a single compound profile.

The system has an excellent security reputation and is available in class 2 and 3 burglar resistance levels. This high performance doesn’t compromise aesthetic flexibility, as it’s available in a variety of styles, such as Hidden Vent, Renaissance and Functional.

  • Excellent energy efficiency due to weather stripped profiles with polyamide thermal breaks.
  • High insulation variant available.
  • Ease of operation and maintenance due to tilt and turn function
  • Full range of polyester powder coat colours and anodised finishes.
  • Dual colour available offering a different colour inside and out.
  • Full range of single and multi-point lock options with exposed or concealed hinge arrangements.
  • Ventalis® ventilation units – even for the highest safety requirements.
  • CAD details available on request.

CAD details available on request.

  • Maximum Width (Open Out – Side Hung): 1400mm
  • Maximum Height (Open Out – Side Hung): 1800mm
  • Air permeability: Up to 600 Pa (class 4).
  • Wind load resistance: Up to 2000 Pa (class 5).
  • Water tightness: Up to 600 Pa (class 9A).
  • Acoustic performance: Rw (C; Ctr) = 36 (-1; -4) dB / 42 (-2; -4) dB, depending on glazing type
Thermal insulation (to EN 10077-2:2012):
  • Uf-value down to 1.2 W/m²K depending on the frame/vent
    combination and the glass thickness.
  • PAS24:2012 (UK Secured By Design Standard) and RC2/ WK2 (European standard EN(V)1627–EN(V)1630 (windows).
  • Fire resistance: EI 30, EI 60, EI 45, EW 30
  • Fixings must ensure the window is retained securely within the opening without damage or distortion to the window frame.
  • Generally, fasteners should be positioned 150 mm from each corner and each mullion/ transom, and at centres not exceeding 600 mm.
  • 4-53 mm single, double or triple glazing options.
  • Variety of glass types (emissivity, safety, solar, g value and energy factors), thickness and weight.
  • Glass to be set against extruded EPDM rubber gaskets retained in undercut grooves within the aluminium profile and clip-in glazing beads.
  • Specific applications include Bullet – and Fire Resistance
  • Drained and ventilated glazing with EPDM synthetic rubber gaskets.

To match the different building types, the system is available in a variety of aesthetic styles:

  • Functional
  • Renaissance
  • Hidden Vent

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