Bioptron – Medical Light Therapy

Bioptron – Medical Light Therapy

BIOPTRON – Medical Light Therapy

20mins £30 


in Adults/ Children/Babies.

Bioptron, a Swiss Medical Light therapy, a medical device for wound healing and pain relief.  An innovative new technology.  Bioptron Light Therapy has a broad spectrum of therapeutic indications- it improves the structural framework of damaged tissues , stimulates the immune system and provide strong analgesic effects:

After trauma, Burns, Grafting, after operations, Venus leg ulcers (stasis ulcers)
Rhumatology: Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis(chronic), Arthroses
Low back pain, Shoulder and neck pain, Carpal Tunnel syndrome, Scar tissue, Musculokeletal injuries
Sport Medecine (soft tissues injuries of muscles, tendons and ligaments): Muscle , Strains, Contusions, Tendonitis, Epicondylitis(Tennis elbow)
Acne,Acne rosacea, Atopic dermatitis, Psoriasis, Herpes simplex, Herpes zoster, Muscosal lesions
Dermal affections, Endogenous Eczema, Upper respiratory tract infections, Allergic respiratory diseases, ….
Dermal afflictions such as phlebitis, Decubitus, and Intertrigo
Chronic fatigue syndrome, Hypersomnia, Lowered motivation, Asthenic conditions, Break down

Bioptron Colour Therapy Well-Being:

Colour Therapy balances energy and restores vitality throughout the body; helps relaxation, meditation; lifts spiritual awareness.  By absorbing and altering the colours surrounding us , we can alter our state of health and imbalances.  Each colour cause a shift in energy, aids in restoring the body to good health.

Lack of drive – Bad concentration and poor memory – Restoring inner harmony
Supporting your power of resistance
Inner balance – The Vital Spark – Relaxing to relieve Fear – Unblocking to relieve stress – A Good night’s sleep
Discharging and Purging – Digestion
Facial or body skin problems – Heavy feeling legs and feet – Looking Good

Retail available: Orchard Meadow Therapies is  official stockist for Bioptron Medical Light Therapy origin Zepter Swiss laboratory.  All equipment comes with a Full Guarantee.  Highly qualified Practitioner and Fully Insured

You can Hire the Bioptron for just £12.50 Per day, minimum hire 10days **Terms and condition apply)